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What is pulling you down?

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Have you ever felt stuck? Like you don't know which way to go or what to do next?

I have, and it's not super fun. You can learn to live with it awhile and then you just need to do SOMETHING!!!!

I have had a situation that has bugged me for over a year and I told myself I was over it but it still came back to "haunt" me. No matter how many times I said "I'm over it, really." I really wasn't. This situation involved a person and this person had given me some items that I kept around my house and specifically in my home office. One of these items was a plaque with an inspiring message on it that was hung on my office door.

One day I realized as I walked by the door that it did not inspire me AT ALL. In fact, it reminded me of the bad feelings between us. Well, the bad feelings I had anyway.

No wonder I still carried around negative feelings toward that person and the situation! Duh!!

That negative energy had to go so I took the plaque down and gave it away. It really felt good!!!

Today I decided that the clutter in my office was at a point that I needed to clear it all out before some sort of an avalanche happened. Seriously, I had piles on top of piles of paper and stuff that needed to go somewhere the recycling bin!

During my de-cluttering I noticed a couple more cards that I had kept from the person I am referring to and they were sitting on my desk in plain sight so I could see them....every damn day.

Well not to recycling they go.....

Is there something in your life that has been holding you back? Or do you feel stuck and you are not sure why?

The energy level in this room feels so much better already!!! My hope is this helps me feel unstuck now so I can truly "bless and release" and move on to better things!!!

I would encourage you to look around you, really look at your physical environment, the people you hang with or communicate with (and how) and try to find the things you don't need that could be pulling you down, draining your energy or lowering the energy vibration around you!!!

Leave me a comment if this resonates with you! I would love to hear your stories!!

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