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Beach Day

About two weeks ago, we had a couple of days that were really, really warm, like go-to-the-beach warm. And since I had a free afternoon, that’s what I decided to do. I decided to go to the beach by myself.

I've always wanted to do that. We have a lake nearby that we actually used to go to as kids. My family used to camp and have picnics there and I thought, I am just gonna put my swimsuit on, pack a little bag and go sit in the sand. And I did. I’ll admit it seemed a little strange.

I have this little thing where I don't like going to places by myself although I’m getting over that. I talked about that in previous podcast episodes, but just getting everything in the car and just going by myself is kind of a liberating feeling sometimes. You don't have to answer to anyone-well-almost anyone.

Of course, the dogs were looking at me as I left as if to say “excuse me, where are you going and why aren't we going too?” So I had to totally ignore that and just keep walking out the door. (Of course I quietly promised to make it up to them when I came back. The dog-Mom guilt is strong.)

I went to the beach and there were a few families there and there was actually another woman there that seemed to be by herself too.

I think she was doing the same thing that I did. I brought a book and I sat in the sun. I even went into the water. I mean if you are at the beach and you're wearing a swimsuit, you might as well go in the water. Right? So I stayed there for about an hour and a half, two hours maybe.

It was very windy that day so I just lay on my towel and closed my eyes and just listened to the wind. I had to make myself just be still and listen, eyes closed and paying attention to just the wind.

I don't like the stormy winds, but I love it when there's a wind and you can hear it come through the trees and the grasses and there's so much sound from it. And it can carry messages too. When I just sit and I listen, I can hear things that I don't pay attention to normally.

Of course as I listened to the wind, I noticed the sound of the waves and I started listening to what that sounded like. As I focused my thoughts and senses on the wind and waves, the noise of the people faded back to almost nothing. It was very relaxing and very meditative and almost magical.

Going to the beach that day was a good decision and I’m so glad that I did it.

Is there something that you would like to do by yourself? Maybe go to a movie and have the popcorn all to yourself? Or go out to eat on your own? Or let’s think big-how about a trip on your own? One of my recent podcast guests, Amanda Lathrop, is a big fan of traveling solo and she loves it. Where would you like to go?

Think about that while you take care of your beautiful self and I will talk to you soon.

~Kim~Beach Day

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