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Aromatherapy Oil

I would absolutely LOVE to connect with you! So look over these options and let me know what works for you!


As a woman in midlife, I have experienced the effects of hormonal and life changes. I can relate to the empty nest, midlife revelations, mood swings and brain fog that come along with aging. I have also learned to use several “tools” for my emotional, spiritual and physical health including essential oils. As a lifelong learner, educator and caregiver, I want to share what I have learned with YOU to help YOU find ways to empower yourself to live an amazing life. So how can you connect with me?

Kim Benoy - Midlife With Courage


Midlife with Courage Podcast


Be inspired each week by a midlife woman who shares her courageous story of facing challenges and renewing or even restoring herself. My hope for you the listener is for you to be inspired to live YOUR best life. You can find all episodes on this website and wherever you listen to podcasts.


Shop with Kim


Purchase products made especially for you! If you would rather get oils products already made,

I have roller bottles, sprays for sleep, calming and scent, balms and hot flash survival kits. You can find the whole line at the link below. If you can’t find what you are looking for, I’m happy to chat about what you need and customize just for you.


Custom Diffuser Blends


Would you like to have a personalized diffuser blend for your home or business? Sometimes you have a scent in mind but you can’t find just the right blend of oils. Let me help you! I will listen to your ideas and find the right oils to create your personalized scent. When you are ready for a refill, I will provide that too. These blends can create a desired mood in your space, emotional support and even help clear the air. I have created these blends for a local chiropractic office, a reiki practitioner along with some others and they are so fun to create!


Email me to let me know you are ready to start creating your signature blend!

Wellness Consult


Group Classes or One-to-One


I am a teacher at heart and I offer several different oils classes with the emphasis on safely using oils. These classes are not a sales pitch to get you to buy; I want you to know how to use your oils appropriately. Classes can be done virtually or in-person.


If groups aren’t your “thing,” we can set up a 1-2-1 meeting to talk about YOU: your challenges, frustrations and questions. My nursing background taught me to research all possible options so I can suggest the best ones for you. Meet with me in-person, over Zoom, or by phone. Disclaimer: I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe but rather share knowledge to help YOU make informed decisions.

Monthly Subscription

Take a look around your home and count how many essential oil bottles you have-go ahead-I'll wait. How many do you actually use? 

I bet you have a lot of them and you cringe inside thinking of the wasted health benefits and dollars. I get it, I used to do the same thing but I have help for you. 

Subscribe to my monthly email subscription to receive one or maybe two short videos reminding you how to use a specific essential oil. Each video is about 5 minutes or less and all you need to do is open your email. Use the contact form below to get started. 

Business Meeting at a Cafe


The Midlife with Courage podcast is growing which means more people are listening.

Podcast advertising is a great way to spend your advertising dollars because:


•   The ads never go away

•   New listeners listen to older episodes

•   Your target market is already built-in


If you have a business or service that you would like to advertise on the Midlife with Courage podcast, please email me to get started:

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