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About Kim Benoy

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Registered Nurse, Aromatherapist, Educator, Blogger, Podcast Host, Wife & Mom

... After being in the healthcare field for so long, I saw a growing need to change from treating illness to promoting health. What a concept! This idea began to grow in my mind and I began questioning - why not focus on staying healthy so you can avoid being sick? Duh!

That realization happened a few years before I was formally introduced to the power of essential oils but it made so much sense! Using oils and other therapies that don't have side effects is the way I wanted to care for myself. Oils are a tool we have to stay healthy, naturally. 

These light bulb moments came around the time I turned ahem-50-so maybe it was a mid-life crisis. I prefer to call it a mid-life revelation! We have limited time to squeeze all we can out of life - Live Every Moment! YOLO! 

I became passionate about sharing my knowledge with women because knowledge gives you POWER - power to make your own decisions - power to ASK QUESTIONS - power to question what we have always done and POWER TO FIND A NEW PATH! 

That is what I want for all women. Making a living while doing it is just icing on the cake.

So my career has changed a bit. My main source of income is this little business with essential oils and my podcast. I retired from nursing which was a bit scary but I feel like I am still nursing in a different way. This has been challenging and rewarding and crazy and fun and frustrating ... but I am glad I chose this path! 

If you are at that point in life where you want to do new things, your kids are out of the house, you realize that you have options - you want to try something new! Let's talk!


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Kim Benoy with her girls

Inspiration & Motivation For You to Live Every Moment Because You Only Live Once -YOLO! Join Kim's Blog to learn how to make the most of every moment and Midlife with Courage!

Let me help you shine on your path.

The brightest people help other people shine.

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