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You may have noticed some changes in my business over the last year. The major change is my training as an aromatherapist and I wanted to share more about why I did that. My introduction to essential oils officially began about 6 years ago through a direct sales company as a way to make a little extra income. As I walked that path and grew a business, I saw other opportunities emerge that I became interested in. During my time with the oils company, I slowly realized that what I was doing with the company was not serving me and my goals. While income and sales is important, I knew I would never be a top salesperson because I want to share oils my way. 

While there is nothing wrong with how the company and representatives do business, it was just not the way I wanted to do it. Once that became clear to me, I knew I had to pivot.


So I did.


I decided to call the aromatherapy part of my business “Blooming Branch Aromatherapy” because I love the image of a tree or plant in the springtime coming to life again with beautiful flowers. Essential oils can help us all bloom and grow in so many ways. 


Now I’m a Certified Aromatherapist, passionate about educating women who see the benefits of using essential oils. There’s just SO MUCH information out there! As an oil user, how do you know what information is correct and what isn’t? This is where I shine!


I believe in evidence-based knowledge. I do the research for you to ensure you are using the most appropriate oils safely for you and your family. I dig into information to make sure what is stated is true. Because of this, you can trust me when I share my oil knowledge!

Oil Knowledge Just For You

Kim Benoy - Blooming Branch Aromtherapy

For more knowledge about the oils you've purchased or which oils to buy for your situation, try Kim's monthly subscription!

For just $9.99 a month, you get to tap into Kim’s oil expertise, thanks to her research.


Your monthly subscription gets you access to at least one short video each month that will help you find new or forgotten ways to use your essential oils. 


Click the button below to get started!  

This monthly subscription:

  • Keeps you using your oils so you get the benefits you paid for.

  • Teaches you the proper way to safely use common oils.

  • Gives you the knowledge you need to make sure you’re getting the most out of the oils you have already invested in.

  • Clues you in on what oil may help with an issue you or a loved one has.

  • Gives you peace of mind – you can breathe easy knowing an expert is educating you!

Best Value

Help Me Use My Essential Oils!



Every month

Get every cent out of every drop of those essential oils by learning how to use them.

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Learn how to use your oils safely and appropriately.

Get exclusive video content that you need to know.

DIY projects and recipes

The brightest people help other people shine. Let Kim help you shine on your path! Because it’s time for you to THRIVE, not just survive!

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Please contact me for more information and/or to request a free aromatherapy consult where we can discuss your health goals and make a plan to keep you as healthy as you can be!

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I love to talk to women about health and wellness and how oils can play a role!  Who do you know that I should talk to? How can you help me reach more people? 


It's easy- just share this website, podcast and social media. (Please don't share your friends' contact information without their permission. "Cold" calls, emails and texts are NOT my thing.) ​


To reach me directly, send me a message below with your questions about essential oils.

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