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Coming Soon - Women's Health Empowerment Seminar

I cannot wait to share a special event I have coming up in January. Midlife With Courage will be sponsoring a series of online sessions designed to educate and empower women about options for healthcare. Did you know there is a non-toxic alternative to botox injections?

Stay tuned to this page for more information including how to register for this enlightening event. Better yet, subscribe to my email list and you will get the information in your inbox! 

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Where to Find Me

Let's connect to learn more about natural healthcare

Kim Benoy - Midlife With Courage

It's time to do classes in person! I am looking for people who want to learn more about using essential oils and empowering themselves to try new options for self-care. I offer education and options for supporting your health and wellness. Did you know you can use Peppermint oil to alleviate head tension? Did you know Clove oil supports dental health? We have so many options for safe and natural health care and I want to help you navigate this path. I offer information in a no-pressure to buy format while teaching you how to use oils safely and effectively. 


If you are not comfortable meeting in person right now, we can still meet online. I have options with Zoom video, Facebook live, FaceTime and the old standby: phone calls! Contact me today and let's set up your personalized meeting! 

Weekly Oils Hours and Classes are Back! 

"Oils Hours" at Urban Olive and Vine in downtown Hudson is happening! Every Wednesday morning you can join me for coffee or a fantastic breakfast while we chat about oils and how I can help you choose the best oils for you. 

This is a great time to schedule a free wellness consult with me or just have a coffee and talk! This usually starts around 9:00 am and I typically stay until 11 am; you can just show up at those times or send me a message ahead of time so I know to expect you!

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If you are interested in learning more about your options for natural healthcare, I would love to do a class for you and a few of your friends. It's a fun time to experience the oils as we talk about their benefits and uses. 

All you need to do is ask a few friends to come over for about an hour and we will have some fun. Everyone goes home with a sample of oil to try and you will get an amazing gift from me. Contact me to schedule your class by clicking the button below. 

If you would prefer to have my undivided attention,  let's set up your own personal wellness and oils consult, contact me to set up a time and place. 


The Holiday collection is here! 

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Every year, dōTERRA offers holiday products and every year, they are amazing! 

This year's collection includes a special oil you can use in your holiday baking plus two cookie cutters, a koala diffuser with Calmer for the kiddos, beard oil for that man in your life, room sprays, indulgent dark chocolates, a neck and body wrap, and of course, the perennial favorites: Holiday Peace and Holiday Joy. 

So many other products not listed here that are meant to help you relax and enjoy this time of year. 

Many of the holiday products sell out quickly so if you see something you like, it's a good idea to grab it right away. 

Please note, some products come out December 1st so you can budget accordingly. 

Click the button below to see the whole line of Holiday products! 

Every month DoTerra offers special offers and even free oils for customers. This month is no exception! ​You can find these specials on my website here:


 2021 Holiday

Sol Nº 3™ Personal Aroma 

Using essential oils as a personal scent is always amazing to me. Two people can wear the exact same oil and it smells totally different on them. The molecules in the oil interact with your body and skin and create a whole new scent tailor made to you. This scent is inspired by the magic and allure of Brazil, Sol Nº 3™ Personal Aroma takes you on a romantic journey filled with sun-kissed days and warm summer breezes.

What's in it? 

Sweet tropical citrus and fragrant exotic flowers create a fresh and vibrant aroma, like no other. CPTG® Mandarin, Sandalwood, and Davana essential oils and Vanilla absolute highlight this captivating blend. Sol Nº 3 comes in a beautiful spray bottle, perfect for you or that special someone on your gift list.


  • Spritz onto bare skin

  • Spray pulse points like wrists, inside the elbow, neck, or behind knees.

  • Spray on body right after taking a shower. The moisture on your skin will help lock in the scent.


December 2021  Special

Ylang Ylang Oil 10% off

From the delicate star-shaped flowers of the ylang ylang tree, Ylang Ylang essential oil is famous for its sweet, luxurious, calming scent. Ylang Ylang is nourishing to the skin and hair, and provides antioxidant properties when taken internally.* My favorite way to use this funny sounding oil is combining it with bergamot in a diffuser for a calming experience. 

Usage Tips:

  • For a soothing DIY steam facial, fill a large bowl with steaming water, add a couple of drops of Ylang Ylang and any other oils you want to include, then cover your head with a towel and place your face above the steaming bowl.  

  • Add a drop of Ylang Ylang to a warm bath with Epsom salts. 

  • Brush a drop or two of Ylang Ylang through your hair. 

  • Make a personalized fragrance using Ylang Ylang and any other oils you want to include and applying it to your wrists and neck.

  • Take internally for antioxidant support.*

December  Product of the Month -  Dec 1 - 15


Clove and a Free Ornament


Rich in antioxidants, Clove essential oil is often used for its internal benefits* and as a flavoring. This powerful spice essential oil aids digestion and cardiovascular health when used internally.* When diffused, it creates a warm and invigorating aroma. Clove smells like Christmas to me and I love to diffuse it at this time of year. You will also get a free pinecone ornament with this oil while supplies last. You can put a few drops of clove or any other oil on it and let the scent surround your tree. 

Usage Tips:

  • Dilute with Fractionated Coconut Oil and apply to gums for a soothing effect. Apply one drop of Clove to your toothbrush with toothpaste to clean the teeth and gums while promoting fresh breath.

  • Place one drop of Clove in two ounces of water and gargle for a soothing effect.

  • Combine with doTERRA Hand & Body Lotion for a warming massage.

  • Diffuse three drops of Clove, two drops of Cinnamon, and one drop of Wild Orange for an invigorating scent.

  • Place 2–3 drops in a doTERRA Veggie Cap and take internally to support health.*


Can I Use Clove Essential Oil In My Mouth?

Clove essential oil is most well-known for its oral hygiene benefits and it is commonly used in dental practice to soothe teeth and gums. Since Clove is a hot oil, remember that it should always be diluted. To make a natural mouthwash, place one drop of Clove in two ounces of water and gargle for a soothing effect.


December Special-Season's Treasures

Three special oils and a donation to HHF

The holiday season is full of treasures. Of course, there’s gift-giving and receiving, but the truest treasures of the season are quality time with family and friends. We find treasure in quiet moments of gratitude, in celebrating life and love, and in the charity and hope of the holidays.

Those are the most important treasures, but this year we have other little treasures for you. This December, you can get Frankincense, Myrrh, and Holiday Love for free with any single 200 PV order while supplies last! And not only that, but $5 from your 200 PV order will be donated to the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation® for the Sanaag Specialty Hospital.


  • Supports healthy cellular function when ingested.*

  • May provide a soothing environment.

  • Helps reduce the appearance of skin imperfections when applied topically.


  • Offers powerful cleansing properties, especially for the mouth and throat.

  • Creates an inspiring and balanced atmosphere.

Holiday Love:

  • Features CPTG® essential oils that capture the essence of the holiday season.

  • Creates a warm, welcoming environment.

  • Adds a delightfully comforting ambiance to any space.

This holiday season, enjoy both the treasure of time with loved ones and the pure treasures of mother nature.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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