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Going Grey?

I have been blessed with thick hair which I have worn in so many different lengths and styles, I cannot even count them. I have been told that I look good in short and long hairstyles and believe me, I have tried them all! When I think back to some of the hairstyles I have had (oh the perms!!) I shudder a little bit. What was I thinking??? And no, I will not share photos.

We all like to look good and for many of us, our hair is literally our crowning glory. Some of us start noticing our hair is thinner at this time of life and yes, the grey is starting to creep in. Oh the joys of being a midlife woman!

But is grey hair really that awful? It probably depends on who you ask. I have seen women who have beautiful grey hair, it’s silvery grey and if it’s curly or wavy, that’s even better. I talked to a lady who let her hair go grey during the you-know-what and it was gorgeous! She had the pretty waves and curls that those of us with stick straight hair are so jealous of. I commented on it and she said she was thinking of coloring it again but so many people like it that she would probably stay with it. I hope she does.

My own grey hairs are sneaking in, I see it as my hair salon color is growing out and the “real” color makes itself known. My hair stylist keeps telling me she can hardly notice it (Thanks Heidi!) but I definitely see it. Each time I go in to have it covered with bright blonde, I think that maybe the day is coming where I just let it go to see how it looks. I’m just not there yet.

Maybe I can have Heidi strategically place color so the change is VERY gradual…is that a thing? Rather than have this drawn out process where I have a grey streak down the center of my head, I can wake up one day to a beautiful mix of dark blonde (my natural color), bright blonde (my bought color) and grey (my future color).

Hmmm….maybe it won’t seem so bad then? I don’t know. For right now, I will just keep covering it up and go on my merry way.

I admire the women who embrace the grey and see it as their badge of honor. They have earned those silvery locks by living and doing and being wonderful and courageous women. I applaud these women and am a tad bit jealous that I am not there yet. I am still living life and being wonderful and courageous; I am just doing it with “fake” blonde hair.

And if you are thinking I am a bit superficial about something like this, maybe I am, but it’s one thing that I can control at this point. Our bodies change, our moods change every five minutes, our relationships may change and our hair starts coming in a different color. At least I can keep one of those things from completely changing…..for now.

How about you? Are you still covering the grey or letting it show itself in all of its silver glory? Comment to let me know!

In the meantime, take care of your beautiful self!


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