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Keep Making Memories

Well it's been awhile since I wrote a blog and I'm going to try it by myself this time to see how it goes. #YOLO right?

Since I have not posted a blog since June, I thought I would catch you up on things. Our summer was hot and actually, we are still having temps in the 80's this week so definitely not sweater weather yet.

A kayak and paddle with a view of a lake, sky and trees.
Solo kayak trip on a nearby lake.

Looking back over the last few months, I realize that my aromatherapy business has become more customized, meaning people are requesting specific blends for their particular issue or concern. I also started creating educational material for classes which is something I have always wanted to do and will be expanding this more in the future #staytuned.

As I have continued selling my pre-made products at the summer market and other events, I have been enjoying the interaction with people and luckily, we have had decent weather for the most part. Anyone who puts up a tent and table at a market knows that wind is not your friend but this summer has not been too bad. I have two more weeks of the summer market and then some time off before the Holiday market starts in November. I am having fun coming up with gift items made with essential oils and collaborating with other vendors to offer sets for the holidays. It's so fun to use my creative side!

As much as I love the markets and creating lots of products at one time, I plan to cut back a bit in 2024 in that area. I want to spend more time using my aromatherapy and nursing background to provide more customized services and education. Also, my 56 year old back gets tired of lugging a table, tent and all the bags and boxes of products every weekend!


Personally, this summer was once again a reminder that life is short and we need to live every moment. I shared this briefly in my podcast HERE about my cousin who passed away from cancer. Micki was the most positive person I know and she beat cancer twice before this last time. She literally kept going until it was very apparent that nothing could be done and she went to Heaven a few days later. Her message for everyone left behind was to keep making memories. She was very devoted to family, especially her two kids, and it was important that we all keep going and having fun. So that is what I am going to do.


My husband is still retired and finding things to do. Sometimes I need to make suggestions as he does get a little bored at times. Thankfully, he likes to vacuum and I do not. Teamwork makes the dream work right?

Retired life
Dave likes to vacuum...thank goodness!

Seriously, we did get out of the house and do some smaller trips. We took a day to go to Milwaukee to catch a Brewers game, a weekend with the family up in Hayward and a couple of trips to the deer shack with the dogs. Since deer hunting will be here soon I will need to try and get some travels in before that happens. Overall, we are enjoying retirement and keeping a sense of humor!

If you are wondering how the summer was for the 4 legged family members, I would say they had things pretty darn good. Lots of hikes at the state park, trips to the deer shack, swimming in the lake near home and up north (for Jake, Pepper is not a fan of water) and lots and lots of treats. Jake continues his "job" as a Library dog once a month. He loves meeting the kids and laying next to them while they read to him. It's a great gig for a lab!

Let sleeping dogs lie.
Pepper and Jake relaxing at the deer shack.

This photo was taken after swimming at the lake up north near the deer shack. We did get Pepper into the water but promised her never to do it again. As she gets older, she is getting a bit more anxious and we are trying different supplements to help her out. Such is life with an older dog I guess.

So not a lot of action going on from here but so much coming around the corner that I cannot wait to share with you all! I have some wonderful Midlife with Courage podcast guests coming up so please keep listening. If you are so inclined, I can always use more reviews as well. Just go to apple podcasts and search (or subscribe to) Midlife with Courage and scroll down a bit. You will see some stars and the other reviews and can leave yours there.

My podcast calendar is currently closed for interviews this year but if you have someone with a great story you would like me to share in 2024, shoot me an email at to let me know.

Watch for some exciting news coming soon! I am so excited that I want to tell you but am holding back for now. Stay tuned!

Until next time, take care of your beautiful self and I'll talk to you soon!


P.S. I almost forgot! My favorite planner is about to come out! This is my 4th year using the SolPlanner and because I have been such a loyal customer, I am able to offer you a code for a friends and family discount that is only good until this Friday October 6th! Click the button below to get your 2024 SolPlanner at a great discount by using the code SOLSISTER.

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