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Unlocking the Power of Scent: Helping You Use Your Essential Oils

I have been getting some questions about the new video channel I started on my site called "Help Me Use My Oils" and I wanted to share more about it in case you were wondering too.

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This started with the realization that many people I talked to about essential oils told me they had oils at home but they don't use them or forgot how to use them. This is not OK with me for two reasons: 1) you are losing out on the health and wellness benefits and 2) you paid good money for those oils and those dollars are going to waste.

Learning about essential oils is overwhelming because of the vast amount of information available wherever you look. The sources you find can also be confusing; those who are selling essential oils through a company may give messages that are contradicted by those who have different training. You can buy essential oils in many places but how do you know if they are quality especially when you hear that you can use them to support your health? How do you know who to trust when you are considering using those oils? So many questions!

My focus has always been on helping people learn about using essential oils safely and initially I did that through classes and speaking in public and on social media about them. Yes, I actively worked with a company who sells oils and still believe they offer (along with other companies) quality oils that can positively affect your health and wellness.

Since taking my aromatherapy training, I have learned even more about supporting health with essential oils and herbal oils that I need to share. I want to share that information in an easy-to-access way that you can go to at your convenience.

Someone made the suggestion to me that it would be nice to have videos that shared about a specific oil that was short and easy to watch and get information from. That idea grew in my mind and the "Help Me Use My Oils" video channel was born.

I wanted to share more about what I will be offering each month. In addition to the 5 minute video that shares tips and ideas for using a specific oil, I will be offering "bonus" content. This month, I talk about peppermint and how to use it. I also added a short video about how to make sure you are using your oils (put them where you use them) and added a little information about jojoba oil and what you can use it for.

Essential oil bottle with plants and homemade soap
Using oils for DIY is fun

I have decided to add some DIY videos to the channel too. In April, I will be focusing on making some items you can gift to your Mom (hint: Mother's Day is coming up in May) that are easy to make with just a few oils and other ingredients you probably have in your house. I will include the recipes for you so you can write them down or screenshot.

I will be including commonly used oils and some that you may not know much about. I will also be including substitute oils if you don't happen to have a certain oil that you know can help with digestion for example, I can give you alternatives.

What you won't get from the video channel is me promoting a certain brand of essential oils which makes it a great resource for anyone who uses oils. I am purposely trying to keep the labels of the brands (note plural) of oils I use out of the video so it isn't seen as a promotion. My only "promotion" of oils is my encouragement (strong encouragement) to use quality essential oils and what that means. So if you are worried that this channel is a "sales pitch" for a certain brand of oil, rest assured it is not.

You can trust me to share this information as a Registered Nurse, Certified Aromatherapist and caring person who wants you to know you have options for your health. I want you to live your best life and this is another way to do just that.

The monthly cost of this video membership is $9.99 per month and for a limited time, you can get it half price for the first two months by using the code "50% off" at check out. You will be billed each month until you decide to cancel. I hope you stay with it but if you decide it's not for you then just cancel anytime.

If you want to check it out now, please go to my WEBSITE to learn more. You can always email me as well at

Please reach out or comment below with any questions or comments. I would love to hear from you!

Until next time, take care of your beautiful self!


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