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Sorry For The Rant

In the words of Vince Lombardi, the late great Green Bay Packer coach:

“What the hell is going on out there?”

Things are crazy right now. Seriously, do you feel the same way? I am so incredibly frustrated by pretty much everything I’m hearing and seeing in the public venue. I try to ignore it, I do not watch the “news” and I do not get sucked into social media messages but It’s. Still. There.

Over the last year and a half, we have had our lives changed by people we don’t know telling us what to do and where we can and cannot go and what we should be wearing and how far apart we should be standing…….UGH!

And when the voices who questioned these restrictions were loud, they were called certain names and shamed-for trying to point out information that was different than what was being told to all of us.


Seriously, why was it “wrong” to consider a different point of view or course of action? Why such a strong reaction from those who “led the way” with recommendations and mandates?

Someone needs to be asking that question. Let me rephrase that: MORE someones need to be asking that question. More people need to question everything when we are being told not to.

We are being told NOT TO QUESTION.

That is what is bothering me and I just figured that out as I am writing this! Maybe I’m late to the game in coming to this but WOW! I have not been able to articulate exactly what bothers me about all of this until just now.

I love to research and I have learned over time not to take anything at face value. I question everything, and I strongly feel that this is what we all must do whenever we are presented with directives. We all have the choice to decide what is good for us, or at least we should. That has been my struggle this whole time, being told that I should do things that I believe are not right based on facts I know to be true.

And please do not think that I am saying the cause for all of this turmoil is not real. I KNOW it’s real and it killed a lot of people either directly or indirectly. That is not my point in this post at all.

And please do not think that I condemn anyone who follows to the letter what is being told to us. That is your choice and your right and exactly the point that needs to be made here. We all should do what we feel is right for us. If what is right for me, does not “fit” with you, there are ways to deal with it without treating each other badly.

It’s ok not to agree with someone else but please don’t shame or “guilt” anyone else over it. (Maybe read that sentence again.)

So please, if you have questions, be courageous and ask them! And keep asking them until you get the answers or find the answers yourself from good resources. (Spoiler alert: social media is NOT a good resource.) Be open to the answers you find as well. They may be different than what you expect and you may change your thoughts or beliefs-that’s ok too. I believe that is called “growth.” If you really want to go crazy, read or listen to those who you know have opposite viewpoints than you; listen objectively and research what they say. Go to their source and compare with what you know and see if you can find common ground.

Thank you for letting me rant a bit about my frustrations. If any of this resonated with you, please leave a comment or send me an email and we can discuss more:

Take care of your beautiful self and I will talk to you soon!

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