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What is Kim Doing Now?

Happy Spring everyone! As of this writing, I think we may possibly be done with snow and cold here in Wisconsin.....maybe. Just last week we had a major blizzard with anywhere from 8 to 12 plus inches of April....Gah! Now it’s melting thanks to warmer temperatures and rain so we have that going for us. Wherever you are in the world, I hope you are enjoying your weather.

I have some news to share with everyone and thought a blog was a great place to share it. It has been on my heart to find a way to do more (and better) education about using essential oils. My experience and training so far has been a good base to work from but I wanted more, so I pursued my certification in aromatherapy. (Woo Hoo!) As of this writing, I am working on submitting my case studies that are required as part of the certification and once they are accepted and approved, it will be official!

Then what?

That’s the million dollar question right now and I am currently working on that. Right now what it means is that the products that I create have been improved by the knowledge I’ve gained through my training.

For example, I have learned more about dilution rates of oils to carrier oils and some products needed a little tweak here and there. While all of my products have been helpful to people, the changes I learned will make them even better.

And speaking of carrier oils, I have been exploring different carrier oils than I have used in the past based on their properties. Some carrier oils are best used for aging skin for example or help with wound healing or skin regeneration. I have been having fun trying new-to-me carrier oils that can help in varying situations. Watch for a free information sheet about carrier oils coming soon. I am still attending local vendor events including health and wellness fairs to sell my products and to educate about the role of aromatherapy today. I also have created an online store that is active and will soon be available to everyone.

As part of my Aromatherapy services, I would love to do consults with people! I am not sure yet what that will look like and I may need volunteers to help me refine the process so stay tuned for that.

One of my favorite “oily” activities is creating custom diffuser blends for other businesses and I will definitely continue that moving forward. Together with the business owner, I find the combination of oils that blend well together to create a mood in an office for clients and even employees.

I will also be going live on my social media each week to share tips for using oils and other fun facts. Please follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram to make sure you get those notifications. You can get to those by clicking the links on this website.

I have so many ideas that I want to try and share but I have learned to be patient and not just jump into something before I think it through. For now, I am excited to have another path in front of me and the best part is I get to choose what it will look like. Stay tuned!

Speaking of staying tuned, the Midlife with Courage podcast is going strong! We are well over 4000 downloads in two years. If you haven’t listened in awhile, please check out an episode or two. My guests in April include a woman who actually experienced a near death experience and her message is so important for all of us to learn.

That is all I have for now, thank you for supporting my business, podcast and blog ramblings! My hope is that you can find something meaningful that you can use in your amazing life. Take care of your beautiful self!

~Kim (Almost) Certified Aromatherapist~

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