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Welcome to Midlife With Courage 

Join Kim Benoy on a journey to help you find your inner courage and live an amazing life.

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Kim Benoy

Registered Nurse, Health & Wellness Educator, Blogger, Podcast Host, Wife, Mom & Animal Lover

I want you to learn to do what matters


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To live every moment.


With Courage.
With Conviction. 


On the path you were
always meant to be on.


To thrive. Not just survive.

As a nurse I was trained to "take orders" from the doctor-no questions-just do it.  And I did. This aligned with my general attitude, taught from a young age, that you just don't question authority. 

As the years went by I noticed a change in healthcare ...

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Begin right here. Right now.

"You only live once.
But if you do it right, once is enough."

~Mae West
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