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Are you struggling?

Last month I wrote about how I visualize batting away negative thoughts in my head. Kind of crazy right? Crazy like a fox if it works though-and it does for me. However, the last few weeks I have really struggled with keeping positive-really struggled.

I believe it may be situational-we lost a co-worker unexpectedly a month ago and it is still wreaking havoc with emotions and work activities. Going through the grieving process is just that: a process. It takes time and there will be bumps along the way and it’s just hard.

I have found myself getting pulled into negative conversations that do not serve me or those around me. I find myself complaining to others when I shouldn’t. I say or text negative things. It feels comfortable sometimes to be in that negative space but I have that little voice inside my head telling me this is not right. I need to stop and listen to my own words of advice.

So I am trying right now to focus on things that bring me joy and be grateful. My kids, husband, and yes, my dogs because these all bring me joy every single day. As I have brought these things more into focus in my brain, I have started to notice all the positive messages I have around me.

As I sit here in my office typing away, I can literally see cards and other items with different messages like:

Don’t worry

It’s well with my soul

Be brave

Do what you love


They may seem insignificant but the brain registers these messages and I need to consciously see them and accept the meanings they give.

I have also been turning to my essential oils for help. The benefits of oils go far beyond smelling nice as you know if you have followed me for any length of time. For now, just know that oils are a tool to use to get to a more positive space. I am not saying that applying a drop of frankincense or Balance will magically fix everything. I am saying that these oils do work in your body to set you up for feeling better. I can show you the actual scientific process that happens when we smell something we like. Or, just know that inhaling a whiff of Wild Orange calms my anxious feelings so that I can function better. I would love to tell you more about that sometime; watch for future classes about emotions and essential oils on my website.

So if you find yourself being dragged into negativity and want out, let’s talk. I want to help because that is something that gives me joy too.

Until next time, take care of your beautiful self!

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