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It's Official!

Well I took the final plunge into becoming a bona fide businesswoman and became what they call an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation)! You may now address me as Kim Benoy LLC-just kidding-please don’t do that!

So what does this really mean? For all of you, it really doesn’t mean anything different. It’s a “behind-the-scenes” type of situation and all the “magic” happens on my end. Well, if you call taxes and keeping track of inventory and sales “magic” that is.

What it really means to me is that I am taking my business from a “side hustle” to a bigger priority by giving it more focus and attention. While I can always go “back” to nursing and getting paid by others, my main job right now is to inspire and encourage other women through my oils and this blog and podcast and so many other ways that I haven’t even shown you yet. I have all these ideas percolating in my head and I am getting them out and onto paper so I can bring them to all of you.

It is very exciting and just a little bit scary. I had some wonderful help with the LLC process from a lady named Katherine Fossler who works with the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. She is part of the Small Business Development Center and they offer free consulting for people like me who want (need) help. She asked me how it felt and when I told her it was exciting and a little bit scary, she asked me what was scary about it.

The “scary” is the practical part of creating and maintaining an income and that it is ALL UP TO ME. Yes, I can always “fall back” on my nursing career to bail me out if needed, but I don’t even want that to be a consideration. Although it’s wonderful to have a safety net, I want to make sure I am giving it my all. I need to expect to succeed moving forward and when I think about it, the scary part really isn’t that scary. It’s more exciting than anything because I know this is the path that I need to be taking.

Having a fall back plan is good and I realize how blessed I am. I have great admiration for women who start a business with no safety net; we have all heard stories or maybe know someone who is in that situation. Starting anything new is hard and business can be really difficult; the statistics about new businesses failing can be discouraging. Keeping that in the back of my mind motivates me, how about you? Are you the type who says “watch me” when someone says you can’t do something? I’m not sure if that’s a type of rebellion or just my nature, either way, it has helped me get things done.

When we practice courage, we become more confident. Starting a new path is courageous and it is ok to be scared. If you can let the “scary” be motivating instead of paralyzing, you will accomplish what you want. That’s my plan.

I would love for you to tell me what motivates you to succeed in the comments. You may help motivate someone else along the way.

Take care of your beautiful self!


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