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Memorial Day Adventures and Wellness Consults

American flags on gravestones in a cemetery
The ultimate sacrifice

I hope everyone enjoyed the first "official" summer weekend-at least that's what we call it in the midwest. Memorial Day weekend is a kick-off of the summer season because we can say with almost 100% confidence that we will not be seeing snow for awhile. Of course, the most important reason we observe Memorial Day is to thank those servicemen who gave their lives for our country and the values we believe in.

Thank you to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, words can't sufficiently convey how appreciative we all should be.


I spent my weekend in Texas trying not to melt in the heat. I traveled with some family members to Eagle Pass where my nephew graduated from high school (in the top 10% of his class thank you very much) and we celebrated with him. I am so proud of this young man and all he has accomplished! He is very smart, very kind and has a bright future.

Kim standing next to her nephew at graduation
Congratulations to Tristan!

So about that heat....the temps were over 100 every day which is unusual for this time of year according to the locals. When someone who lives in south Texas says it's hot, you know it's hot!

Graduation was held outside and it was 110 degrees until the sun went down when it "cooled off" to about the 90's. I normally don't mind the heat but this was a bit much for me. Lots of water and getting into air conditioning whenever possible was the way to deal with it.

I came back to Wisconsin to 70 degree weather and needed to wear a sweatshirt to get acclimated again. It was good to be home after a quick trip and Monday I was hit by pure exhaustion. I managed to take a shower and empty my travel bag but that was it. I made no decisions, I did not go anywhere and I did nothing else all day. When it's time to rest, your body tells you and you have to listen.


A few weeks ago, I participated in a giveaway event with 5 other ladies who are experts in the health and wellness fields. We pooled some resources together and each offered at least one free gift to anyone who was interested. Thank you to those who grabbed my oils guide-I hope it is helpful as a general guide to choosing the right oils.

I also wanted to explain more about my Wellness Consults and what they are as some people did express interest in these.

I offer what I call Wellness Consults which are a 15-30 minute time to speak with me about your health and wellness questions. I listen to what health concern or question is most important to you and together we come up with essential oils that may be helpful in supporting you. You do most of the talking and I ask a few questions that help me decide what oils would be most beneficial. I will also ask about any medications and supplements you are taking because some oils should not be used when taking certain meds.

Two women meeting over coffee

You come away with a list of essential oils that you can try for what you need and a little education as well about using them safely. I do not charge for the consult because I think it's important to empower you with the knowledge and there's no price on that in my opinion. You can take the knowledge and go on your way or if you like or I can make you a blend of the oils we talked about. I do charge for that and the cost is based on the oils we discuss as well as my time for creating the blend. Please know that I will use less expensive oils whenever possible, money is tight for everyone and while it's important to invest in your health, it also needs to be practical.

While talking in person is always the best because you can actually smell the oils, I can do a consult over zoom or even over the phone if needed. If you would like to learn more about this or schedule a consult, send me an email at

I hope you all have a beautiful summer and find ways to be courageous whether you are in midlife or some other season. Please enjoy my podcast episodes over the summer months, I have interviewed some beautiful women with amazing stories and love to share them with you.

Until next time, take care of your beautiful self!


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