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Looking Ahead and Making Changes

four people celebrating New Year's Eve

Happy New Year everyone! How were your holidays? Are you glad they are over or do you enjoy the break? Or both?

I am glad to be moving forward into a new year and always look forward to this time to set new goals and try new things. I love sitting down with my new planner to look ahead to the new year and make the changes I need to make. I also am glad the holidays are over, mine were mostly stressful this year but hopefully 2024 will bring courage and clarity for those who need it.

I wanted to take this opportunity to "toot my own horn" so to speak. Toot Toot!

If you haven't heard, the Midlife with Courage podcast was recently recognized by Podcast Tonight as one of the Top Ten podcasts for midlife women!

I am so honored to be recognized because it validates that I am doing something valuable for others. Midlife women (and all women) are rock stars and they need to be heard, seen and valued. My podcast is a small part of that and I love bringing it to you!

As luck would have it, our local newspaper picked up on the story as well as the local cable channel and they featured the podcast. As someone who has lived in the same town her whole life, this was pretty awesome to share locally. I always marvel at the thought that I am speaking with women all over the world and sometimes forget that it's nice to be recognized in my hometown.

Kim Benoy at a microphone recording a podcast.

Speaking of the podcast, I have mentioned before that I am possibly changing the format a bit. While I believe it's important to help promote other women business owners, that aspect of the podcast is going to be a little less visible. The conversations will center on shared midlife experiences, challenges and potential solutions when possible. If you have seen my social media, you know that I recorded a group interview with 3 other women and it went well. I will be releasing that episode this month and look forward to more of this type of conversation. I am also exploring the video (gasp!) format since I have a YouTube channel already, who not use it? I may need to actually put make up on to record now but maybe not, I'm all about being real right?

 Several bottles of herbs and oils for creating home remedies

The aromatherapy aspect of my business is also evolving. I have been selling oils products at local markets and am thinking about what that will look like in the future. Selling at these markets means I need to offer products for almost anyone and I have learned over the last year, that aromatherapy is geared more to the individual. I have been making custom products for individuals and I would like to spend more time on that aspect. For example, I created a scar serum that had wonderful results and a sore muscle créme that people are loving. While I figure out what this will look like, I am offering a January sale of my current products to make more room for new products and services. Everything in my inventory is 10% off for the month of January except for the Twilight Blend rollers. My prices were already reasonable and this discount makes them great for stocking up. I have decided to discontinue some products so now is a great time to grab what you need.

As we start this new year, I am looking forward to new opportunities to share more amazing midlife women and their stories. I hope those who need it will find their courage to create a new life full of joy and happiness because they deserve it.

Here's to a great 2024! Take care of your beautiful self!


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