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October is Over ...

What a month it was! It had ups and downs and backwards and forwards and I feel like I am just now catching my breath. Whew!

I started out the month as you all know, with sending my mare to Heaven. Thank you to everyone who reached out to me with love and peace as I navigated that. I would like to share that I did have a vision about her the day after and I know she is pain-free and happy now. I still hurt though.

The second week in October was wedding week! My daughter married her best friend and it was beautiful and perfect! We are so happy for them and ready to see what their new life together brings.

Five days after the wedding, I took off for my happy place. I have wonderful friends in Tennessee who graciously allowed me to spend the weekend with them. These are “my” people who feel like family and I love spending time there.

Do you have a happy place? Is it an actual place or is it in your mind? I have joked with friends when I am in denial about something that I am in my own world or “happy place” and how nice it is there. That’s not my actual happy place even though it’s not a bad place to be.

I’ve been thinking about what it means to have a happy place. My idea is that when I go to this place, my heart is full and happy and I laugh and enjoy every minute. It’s an escape sometimes from reality.

  • I have gone there after stressful things have happened.

  • I have gathered there with other friends and left with my stomach muscles sore from all the laughing we do together.

  • I have also left there with a nasty sunburn because they have a swimming pool in the backyard.

Did you know you’re supposed to reapply sunscreen? Especially in August when you come from Wisconsin? #lessonlearned That was a fun plane trip back home. Still my happy place though.

So where do you go? Is it a tangible geographical place? It doesn’t have to require a plane trip or travel of any kind really. It could be your own backyard. Maybe you have a big tree in your yard that you can sit under and read a book or just sit and do nothing. Maybe you have a patio with a chair that you can sit on and watch the cars go by. Since winter is coming, maybe you need to move your happy place inside the house. Do you have a fireplace or just a comfortable chair you can sit in and relax?

We have a patio out in front of our house where we keep two chairs and a little table. My husband and I like to sit out there in the evenings while the dogs run around the yard. I sit out there and drink my coffee in the mornings when it’s not too cold.

So where is your happy place?

Think about that and share in the comments. You can also consider that maybe the “thing” that makes the place happy is not where you are but who you are with. Being with your people, no matter where they are, makes you happy and there is no better place to be, wherever it is.

Take care of your beautiful self and I will talk to you soon.


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