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The Passing of The Queen

I could not let the passing of Queen Elizabeth II go by without saying something about this courageous woman. I mean, it’s called Midlife with Courage right?

Fascination with the royals is nothing new and I am one of those people who follows them. I loved Princess Diana (yes she will always be Princess) and some people even said I looked like her. I was sporting the blonde side part, layered ‘do at the time. But I loved watching her as a mother and how devoted she seemed to be to her boys. Isn’t it funny how we think we “know” people we have never met? We base our knowledge on what we see and read in the media…but I digress.

The Queen was always there seemingly in the background as all the “shenanigans” happened with the royals but she was never center stage. My perception was she led them all quietly but firmly as they dealt with everything. I picture her sending a message on beautiful stationery in a calligraphy font to Charles with something along the lines of “We need to talk about this Camilla person.” Read that in a British accent and you will laugh or at least smile a bit.

My whole life I have known only one Queen and that in itself is so amazing to me. She was one of those public people that you know will not be here on earth forever-kind of like Betty White-but you still want them to be. Somehow, some way maybe they can find a way to keep her around forever. But alas, no, they have to move on to their “final journey” as King Charles put it.

I have been reading about Queen Elizabeth and found out some things that made me realize what a kick..butt woman she was. I did not realize that she took the throne at the age of 25—25!! Can you imagine your 25 year old self taking that type of responsibility and for more than one country? Here is this young lady who knew someday she would be Queen but not expecting it that soon. And after her father died unexpectedly. And can we talk about that too? Not only is she taking over this huge role but she is also mourning the death of her father.

I also saw a video of her speaking to the country before she even took the throne, I believe it was around the age of 21. She was addressing the country in a radio speech but someone was videotaping it. She told the country that she would always serve them whether her life was long or short and what struck me was the look in her eyes as she said it. If you can find the video, please do and notice how she looks. She meant it and you can tell she meant it! She was dedicated to her country and they obviously were dedicated to her.

One of the news outlets interviewed someone who knew her or was involved in the monarchy and they talked about how Prime Minister Winston Churchill was not very happy with the new Queen being a young girl essentially. I can imagine how he must have been feeling when this 25 year old took over and he knew he had to work with her and on top of it, she’s a girl! Oh the horror! Anyway, she quickly won him over and they were best buds after the initial reticence.

I also loved learning about the love story of her and Philip, she met him when she was 12 and knew he was “the one.” Her family didn’t approve of this blonde German guy who didn’t have the right bloodlines but she didn’t care. They lived a long and happy life together until last year when he passed. I know he was waiting for her when she left this earth and their love story can continue on.

And just think about this-she had two young children when she became Queen and two more after. Now some of them have issues and challenges but for the most part, they are OK. Yes, I know she had nannies and staff and all of that but I can’t imagine she didn’t know what was happening and when with each of her children. If we look at her grandchildren and how they have turned out, they seem to be pretty decent people (I’m not too sure about Harry but let’s leave that for another day). That tells me her children had a great role model for parenting in the Queen and based on what I have seen, her grandchildren adored her too.

Let’s also not forget that she changed the rules for women in the monarchy as well. Since she was the firstborn in a family with two girls, she was going to be a queen. If her parents had had a boy, even if he was younger than her, he would have been king. That rule continued until just a few years ago when she changed it to say that the firstborn child whether male or female would take over the crown. It may not seem like a big deal here in the US but it really is a positive for women.

Can we also talk about the fact that she was working two days before she died….two days. She met the new Prime Minister at her home and the pictures show a smiling albeit frail Queen but still… would we expect anything else of this amazing woman?

As I watch the coverage of this Queen and her life, the most poignant memory that I had actually forgotten until this week was what she did after September 11, 2001. At the changing of the guard the day after the terrorist attack, she had her band play our national anthem to show solidarity and respect for our country. That literally brought tears to my eyes-ok actually it was more of an ugly cry-to see her change the royal protocol once again for what she knew was right.

So this blog is dedicated to one of the most courageous, confident and calm women in the world-Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. May she rest in peace and may the example she set for other women continue for eternity.

Take care of your beautiful self.


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