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What’s Your Container?

Well it’s been a minute since I’ve written a blog. Anyone who writes blogs or posts or anything that other people read, may feel like I do. I cannot just sit down on a certain day/time/week and write something. I need to be inspired and sometimes, that takes awhile. Forcing it gives me a mediocre result (in my opinion) and while perfection is not the goal, I want to be happy with what I give to you.

So here I go….

Last year my niece had a baby and her baby shower was held at my house due to geographical location and other factors. Guests were given little tiny pots with little tiny succulent plants in them-the ones they call “hen and chicks.” After the party, I grabbed two of them and set them aside with the intention of either planting them into the ground or repotting them into a bigger container. These little tiny containers measured about 2 inches by 2 inches so they were tiny.

These tiny little containers sat on the windowsill of my bay window in the living room for months. I watered them and kept them alive and I am almost embarrassed to say they were there for a whole year. (I was busy ok?) They were fine, they don’t require a lot of water and they had plenty of sunshine so they just stayed in their tiny little containers.

This summer I decided it was time to get them into a bigger container together. I searched my garage for an appropriate container and found one that used to contain some other long forgotten plant, filled it with potting soil and put my little tiny chicks into the dirt. Our summers are hot enough that I can keep these plants outside on the front patio so that’s where I placed them. Within a week or two, these two tiny chicks grew and spread out at least double in size and they now fill the container. In fact, I will probably need to find a bigger one soon to transplant them into. The green color they started out with has changed a bit to a purple tinge and I’m betting that they will sprout little chicks of their own when I move them into a bigger pot. I wonder how big I can get them.

It made me think a bit about the “containers” we place ourselves into and just stay there-content to just stay the same and not grow. These little plants were OK where they were in their tiny little space but once I gave them the opportunity to stretch and grow, they took full advantage of it!

So what “container” are you keeping yourself in? Are you just doing the bare minimum and feeling content with that? Or do you want more? Do you want to find a bigger place in life? The way I see it, you have two choices: you can stay where you are and keep the status quo or you can find yourself a bigger container and grow into it.

If you are ready to grow, find out what’s holding you back, what is your tiny little container? Then think about what your bigger container is going to be, create it, and move into it. Give yourself the space to fill it up and then maybe even move on to a bigger one later.

I am rooting for you to grow into your best version (see what I did there?) and would love to hear about your journey. If you are a midlife woman who has a story to tell, please reach out via my podcast page and let me know you would like to share your journey of growth.

Take care of your beautiful self and I will talk to you soon!


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